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CellTrak Virtue Series: Be Transparent

Transparency. While It is not always the easiest thing to do, it’s always the best policy. Being transparent with others prevents let downs, confusion, and ensures everyone is on the same page. Sometimes transparency is not what others want to hear, but what they need to hear.

“Be Transparent” is one of CellTrak’s Virtues in a 5-Part virtue blog series in which we highlight our 5 virtues—EmpoweringCare365, Be Transparent, Exceptional Team / Exceptional People, Think Big / Execute Small, Work Smart / Have Fun. We at CellTrak believe in the value of transparency and ask our employees to be transparent with customers and with one another. To us, transparency means clear communication and trust. The end result is that everyone is empowered to take full ownership in their roles.

A virtue is a value placed into action. Our virtue Be Transparent implores our employees to focus on honesty and transparency. While these gestures may initially seem trivial, they provide a lasting impact on our customers. In being direct and speaking honesty, our employees are able to tackle issues quickly and avoid unnecessary headaches. Being transparent requires our employees to take an approach of listening to unsatisfied customers with grace and humility so we can follow through on our promise to provide great home care service and support.

How do we apply “Be Transparent” to our solutions? CellTrak offers a robust library of tools, features and functionalities to ensure that our staff and solutions are as transparent as possible. This includes but is not limited to EVV Compliance, CellTrak Insights and Analytics, the Operations Team Portal, and our Mobile Solution.

      EVV Compliance

As a comprehensive point-of-care solution in personal care, we offer an easy way for providers to be EVV compliant. Our solution is usable in every open policy state and does more than just “check the box” on EVV mandates. Using our Operations Team Portal, office staff are able to view and ameliorate issues in reporting EVV to state aggregators. In offering a 24/7 support team, we provide a solution that works as hard as you do, so that compliance is the least of your worries.

    Insights and Analytics

CellTrak Insights and Analytics uses your Celltrak data coupled with a data visualization tool to provide you with insights on how to improve your staff productivity. This software can show trends in clock-in times, clock-out times, missed or unscheduled visits, mileage costs, and more views allowing providers to improve productivity, contain costs, and ensure compliance.

      CellTrak Mobile

CellTrak connects offices to caregivers through the use of our point-of-care solution. Through features like secure managing, the Operations Team Portal, and Care Team Portal, our software creates transparency  between office staff and caregivers, allowing offices to ensure that patients are receiving adequate care and that caregivers are safe while out on a visit.


Want to hear more about our Virtues? Click here to hear about virtues, and our positioning statement. To learn more about CellTrak, contact a team member at Us