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CellTrak Virtue Series: What Makes An Exceptional Team?

Creating an Exceptional Team

Every good home care agency is backed by a well-oiled machine made up of exceptional team members. Agencies often provide care in the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year.

But how can your agency form a team that can consistently provide excellent care through an ever-hectic schedule? A successful team cannot be created without several exceptional people inserted in every facet home health—from providers to EMRs and field force management solutions. As your preferred field force management solution, CellTrak offers the key to an exceptional team. In fact, having an exceptional team with exceptional people is one of our five virtues!


Introducing the CellTrak Blog Series 


In this five-part blog series, we aim to discuss CellTrak’s five virtues and how they help us offer a great solution for home and community care. Our virtues are:



These virtues give our team a purpose for the way that we enact our mission: to provide excellent solutions for home and community care. A virtue is the verb of our values – a value placed into action.

"A Virtue is a value placed into action. "


In 2021, we would like to highlight our virtues and how we are placing our values into action every day. We believe in creating an exceptional team with exceptional people. These exceptional teams comprised of exceptional people provide exceptional care, 365 days a year.

CellTrak CEO Dan Wacker fleshes out the meaning of this virtue, saying “We seek to build an organization comprised of exceptional people, who work together to create an exceptional team by approaching every day with a bias towards action. This means we act upon what needs to be done, both individually and as a team with the grit and determination required. The compounding effect results in massive results.“

Put simply, a great team has individuals made of the following characteristics:


  • Acting upon what needs to be done: Great ideas are just one piece of the puzzle. A great team needs individuals who don’t just create the big ideas, they enact them.
  • Independent thinkers who work well in conjunction with one another – great teams have a sense of initiative to fulfill tasks on their own but are not so independent that they cannot work with one another. Great teams trust each other enough to relinquish tasks to their teammates and understand that the greatest projects are only made successful by an equally great, not just by one person.


When we look at people who embody the virtue “exceptional team/ exceptional people” the first person we think of at CellTrak is our Senior Product Manager, Jen Ball. We asked our staff to weigh in on who our best representatives of our brand are. A Celltrak Staff member says


“Jen Ball embodies both exceptional team and exceptional people. She is constantly helping support various members and teams throughout the organization even if they are not a part of her everyday job, and helps teams work on our overall success.”


Who at your team emulates this virtue? Great teams are not built overnight. They require time, patience, and the just the right people working for the right cause. We're so proud of the accomplishments, grit and determination expressed by our team daily and the impact they offer to the home health industry.


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