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Empowering Care 365 in 2021

Though it has been overstated, 2020 was no ordinary year. In January alone, Australia lost 47 million acres of land in wildfires, Kobe Bryant tragically died in a plane crash and the 45th president of the United States faced an impeachment trial. That was all before the coronavirus pandemic swept the world.

Put simply, the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed the home care industry and the world forever. Though several highly effective vaccines are in the works, it is difficult to imagine things being the same as they were before. In some ways this is positive: People are more health conscious, corporations have taken additional measures to make sure their facilities are sanitized, and many restaurants have become takeout and delivery only. But one thing that stands out is that the home care industry is more important than ever. Older and immunocompromised individuals are safest and often most comfortable at home.

To make patients comfortable and ensure that they receive the best care outcomes, caregivers provide care in the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. Working tirelessly, caregivers often perform thankless tasks to ensure that their patients remain safe and as healthy as possible during a global pandemic. While at home, patients can continue to see their families and experience comforts they may not have received in a nursing facility or hospital.

CellTrak was founded with caregivers and home care agencies at the center. From the beginning, we sought to create ways for home care aides and agencies to spend less time filling out documentation and spend more time doing what they do best: Providing exceptional care. While the coronavirus pandemic may have moved employees from the office to their homes, we continue to adhere to one of our most valuable core virtues — Empowering Care 365.

How will we empower you all year?

  • Empowering care means saving your agency money, increasing productivity, increasing staff retention, ensuring state compliance, and improving the overall patient experience. As we enter 2021 in month 10 of the coronavirus pandemic, our New Year’s resolution is to empower care all 365 days of the year.
  • CellTrak empowers you to save money by implementing a paperless workflow. Our app eliminates the need for paper documentation and storage costs, creates reports from a unique database to optimize care delivery costs, and streamlines your office workflow.
  • We empower you by increasing your productivity. Our app allows caregivers to document accurately directly from the home—no more wasting time calling the agency using a landline. Caregivers fill out forms, surveys, and assessments all in one convenient place. Agencies can pull reports to assess productivity latencies and areas for improvement.
  • We empower you by improving staff retention. Our GPS technology allows you to ensure that your caregivers are safe while in the field, allowing peace of mind and open communication for both you and your staff. CellTrak offers secure access to the full care history of each patient, and easy-to-use tools to document care provided while in the field. For more information about improving staff retention, read our complimentary white paper "Improving Care Provider Satisfaction and Retention".
  • We empower you to remain compliant with state ordinances. In 2021, the 21st Century Cures Act goes into effect, mandating that all care provided in the home be verified using an Electronic Visit Verification system. As an EVV solution, we empower you with the peace of mind that you are compliant with your state laws. We help you avoid claims denials and ensure that you continue to be reimbursed for your services by insurance companies.
  • Finally, we empower you to offer an exemplary patient experience. With features like the operations team portal and the care team portal, we offer a real time magnifying glass into the patient visit so you can get insight and take control of visit success and manage patient outcomes. Our technology helps you improve patient satisfaction and maintain the reputation of your business you worked hard to create.

Though we stand in the darkest days of COVID-19, we press on with the hope of multiple highly effective vaccines. We hope that this vaccine will provide solace and relief for millions of health care workers in the home care industry and beyond who have continually put their patients’ health before their own.

During a time where things feel out of control, CellTrak strives to make you and your business feel in control. As a point-of-care field force management solution, CellTrak keeps you connected with your staff while out in the field, keeping them safe, compliant, and empowering them to care for others. Here’s to another year of partnering with you to provide the best care in the world.