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Frontline Connections: A Decade with Delaware Hospice

Delaware Hospice is the leading licensed, non-profit community-based healthcare organization serving the state of Delaware and Pennsylvania’s southern Chester and Delaware counties. Since 1982, Delaware Hospice has helped over 115,000 patients and their families thrive in the face of serious illness—regardless of their ability to pay. Our team of compassionate experts takes a holistic approach to providing patients and families with top-quality care that meets the rigorous standards for third-party accreditation by The Joint Commission. In addition to providing excellent hospice and palliative care, Delaware Hospice offers excellent community outreach programs help children cope with loss, provide seriously ill members of the community with nonmedical assistance, and help grieving individuals reinvest in life.

Besides being an excellent member of their community, Delaware Hospice has been a valued CellTrak customer for ten years, implementing CellTrak in 2010. Over the course of 10 years, Delaware Hospice has stuck with CellTrak through several software changes and updates and have kept using our software through an EMR change.

“We’ve just had a good working relationship throughout all the changes that we’ve had.” Says Kelly Conaway, who has been at Delaware Hospice since 2001. “The continuity of care was always there. […] There was never a sign of them [CellTrak] dropping the ball or anything, And anything that ever went wrong they were very attentive to getting it fixed.” Conaway comments that she was happy to be able to stay with CellTrak throughout the last ten years.

Like many providers, Delaware Hospice values accuracy and productivity in a personal care solution, Which was a big reason they moved from paper and pencil documentation to using CellTrak. Delaware Hospice wanted real-time access to visit information and easy mileage reimbursement for their caregivers.

“Before [using CellTrak] it was getting the aides to bring that paperwork in, which might take a week […]. So you have all those visits that are not being put in the system, […] so if you’re seeing six patients 5 days a week, that’s a lot of visits to enter into the system” In addition to this, Kelly notes that mileage reimbursement has been a lot easier as it’s tracked automatically in CellTrak using our TimeManager. Director of Account Management Kym Malkin notes how smart the Delaware Hospice Team is, saying “They were so smart to take on TimeManager. It has saved them so much time and ROI by being able to automatically route themselves and has been really beneficial for them to standardize CellTrak across the company.”

Delaware Hospice’s Caregivers have found a lot of benefits to using CellTrak that save them time throughout their day. Melissa of Delaware Hospice says that “prior to using CellTrak, our aides had to go into their EMR and map out their day themselves and that does alleviate that for the nurses, the social workers and the chaplains, as the system will do that automatically for them”

The caregivers love it, and the staff love how easy communication is using CellTrak. “I think it’s a great piece for us to be able to communicate with the aides who are out in the field and don’t have computers, just phones to communicate with. This way they have their schedule for them ready every single day.” says Jen from the Marketing team at Delaware Hospice. “If we get a call from a caregiver who needs assistance quickly, they can quickly reroute someone to get there to make sure that caregiver and patient are taken care of.”

We’re so grateful to have providers like Delaware Hospice as customers. Providers are why we keep moving forward.  Delaware Hospice is going to go live with Netsmart as their EMR in October, and we feel privileged to move forward with them as they change EMRs. Thank you Delaware Hospice for working with CellTrak for over 10 years!

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More About Delaware Hospice

Since 1982, Delaware Hospice has provided the highest quality hospice and healthcare services, and serves as a trusted community partner in end-of-life education and support. Our mission is to provide support to every individual, family, and community with compassionate and expert care for serious illness. Accredited by the Joint Commission and active members of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Center to Advance Palliative Care, Delaware Quality of Life Coalition, and Alliance Kids Delaware Hospice continues to be a licensed, nonprofit, community-based healthcare agency serving Delaware as well as southern Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania. Through our commitment to care for our community, we offer the following programs and services, many free of charge: Delaware Hospice, the Delaware Hospice Center, Katybug, Delaware Palliative, Delaware Transitions, Bereavement, New Hope, and Honoring Choices® Delaware. For more information about Delaware Hospice’s programs and services, upcoming events, or employment opportunities, call 302-478-5707 or visit our website,