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CellTrak Connection

Gaston Hospice

Schaumburg, IL (September 24th, 2010) - Gaston Hospice is licensed by the state of North Carolina, accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc., and a member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Carolinas Center for Hospice and End-of-Life Care. Gaston implemented their CellTrak service early this year and the results they have seen proves again that automation and elimination of paper and manual processes results in savings, productivity as well as clinical benefits.

Gaston Hospice decided to deploy CellTrak to eliminate its CNA’s paper processes, and to gain better accountability of the staff as well as control mileage and travel time expenses. CellTrak's integration with Suncoast Solutions made this the #1 mobility choice for point-of-care, which has driven productivity and efficiencies with scheduling, staff management, time and attendance, and increasing documentation compliance. Being a “green solution” is one other benefit derived from the implementation.

According to a 3 month quarterly comparison, based upon statistics before and after Gaston began using CellTrak, the following numbers speak for themselves, and were better than the executive team anticipated. On average Gaston increased its daily census by 13% while decreasing mileage expenses in that same period by 23%. Basically more visits completed with less cost. The productivity of each staff increased by about 25% across the board and without paper to be delivered back to the office the job satisfaction of the staff has increased too. The documentation for the visits is now always on time, meaning Gaston is never waiting on visit data and documentation compliance is also up over the paper methods used in the past.

Lee Bucci CEO of Gaston said: “It’s efficient, it’s effective and staff like it, what else can you ask for”

Richard Lahm, Director of Support Services stated, “There is no question about it, CellTrak has provided a financial boon for Gaston related to reduced mileage reimbursements”

Clinical Supervisor Katie Blackmon, added, "The aides love CellTrak! Our job satisfaction has increased due to the ease of work, and reducing trips to the office to turn in paperwork. There are also less errors when documenting electronically at the point of care”.

Teresa Craig CEO at Suncoast commented: “We join in congratulating Gaston Hospice on achieving the benefits of having a client’s Electronic Medical Record include timely CNA/HHA documentation. Along with the cost savings, efficiencies, and improved compliance associated with using CellTrak and Solutions, they have also gained the ability to better meet the needs of patients and families. On-time documentation gives each hospice the power to care and improve the quality of care at the end of life.”

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies said: "CellTrak’s goal is to provide our clients with the leading point of care mobile solution to automate workflow, improve staff productivity, and achieve the higher levels of compliance while improving the delivery of care. Gaston Hospice has shown some amazing success and return on investment in a short period of time highlighting the value of what CellTrak can provide to help further differentiate industry leading homecare agencies”

About Gaston Hospice:

Gaston Hospice is a unique form of health care for patients in Gaston County, NC and the surrounding area. Our patients face a life-limiting illness and can no longer benefit from efforts to cure their disease. In addition to addressing physical pain and symptoms, Gaston Hospice responds to the social, emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill persons and their caregivers and loved ones as they define those needs. Gaston Hospice emphasizes quality of life and considers the entire family in its program of care.

About Suncoast Solutions

Suncoast Solutions is a comprehensive software tool that helps hospices and home health agencies manage the full breadth of processes and related programs as patients move in an out of each phase of the care continuum.

For Further Information on Suncoast Solutions, contact:

Donnette Threats, MA

Suncoast Solutions

Director of Client Resources

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