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How Home Care Agencies in the US, Canada, and the UK Address Care and Service Challenges with Technology

Today, home care agencies are challenged to continuously improve care quality and report to clients, families and payers to retain and increase referrals. Many have turned to technology to manage the delivery of that care.

Three innovative home care executives – from Loving Care Hospice & Home Health in the US, Solutions Group in the UK, and Qualicode Logiciel in Canada – share their challenges and experiences using technology to help improve care quality while increasing compliance, enhancing communication, reducing costs, increasing care provider productivity, and improving staff satisfaction and retention.

This complimentary, on-demand webinar will help you:

  • Compare the biggest challenges home care agencies experience in the US, Canada, and the UK
  • Understand how using technology has made agencies more successful and what else needs to happen in the future to overcome challenges
  • Identify changes that are necessary to improve safe, quality care and services in home and community care

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