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New Look, Same Us!

It’s us, CellTrak! We know, you're looking at us and wondering if we got a haircut. We have a new brand look, and we hope you love it as much as we do.


After months of deliberation, we pulled the trigger on our new website. After constantly hearing about the website-to-be, our staff was so excited to click through the new pages, see and look at all the pretty colors—my favorite part.


But creating new brand elements, improving the user experience, and choosing pretty pictures is not the lasting impact of a new website. We view changing the branding of our company as a way to be a new CellTrak. We’re still dead set on empowering you to care by offering amazing and consistent home care solutions, now with a cleaner look! We spent time philosophizing about who we are, what we stand for, and how we can put that into our new look. Finally, we landed on 5 virtues (which you can hear more about in our virtue blog series) and 5 attributes to represent our brand.


So, we’d like to re-introduce ourselves. Hey, we’re CellTrak!


We provide a world-class solution to home and community care providers seeking point-of-care and field force management solutions. We are the tether between the large agencies and their field staff providing care in the home. Our customers and their staff are on the clock every hour of every day, demanding a 24/7 solution.


In short, what we do improves the life for millions of people requiring care in the home and those that are providing that care. 


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We stand on the foundation of 5 virtues – Values placed into action – and 5 brand attributes.


Virtues – Values Placed into action.

  1. EmpoweringCare365 - Given the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year commitment required from our care provider customers, our job is to empower them to provide mission critical care while respecting their confidentiality and privacy.
  2. Be Transparent - Our commitment to transparency is rooted in clear communication and trust. The end result is that everyone is empowered to take full ownership in their roles.
  3. Think Big / Execute Small - We execute on the little things each and every day. When compounded over time, those little things lead to accomplishing big results.
  4. Exceptional Team / Exceptional People - We seek to build an organization comprised of exceptional people, who work together to create an exceptional team by approaching every day with a bias towards action, This means we act upon what needs to be done, both individually and as a team with the grit and determination required. The compounding effect results in massive results.
  5. Work Smart / Have Fun - We strive to simultaneously work smart and have fun. Life’s too short to do something you don’t enjoy doing with people you don’t enjoy doing it with.


Brand Attributes – Our brand attributes are a promise to our customers and our employees on who we intend to be


  1. Innovative – We stand at the forefront of the industry and constantly strive to improve our features and functionality to provide the best point-of-care solution in personal care.
  2. Caring – We aim to be a group of caring individuals as we equip those who provide care in the home.
  3. Secure – CellTrak is HITRUST certified and makes EVV state compliance a breeze for your company.
  4. Insightful - We constantly seek to understand where the industry is headed and provide technology that intuitively delivers based on those needs
  5. Reliable – Personal Care providers provide care in the home 24/7/365, and we stand by these agencies as they work to improve patient outcomes.


CellTrak CEO Dan Wacker is elated about our new Brand release, and states,

“ When we sat down to create a new brand, we strived to keep our virtues and flywheel at the center. A new brand does not just change our look, it provides a vessel to show off our personality and our virtues. With the launch of this brand, we don’t want it to exist solely on marketing materials and on our website, but instead we want it to live in the hearts of our team members and customers. The new CellTrak brand is a statement of our core attributes – innovation, insightfulness, Caring, Security and Reliability. We hope you enjoy the new look and that you can see our brand shine through our work. I look forward to embracing the new brand and watching it manifest throughout the company. “


We hope that you enjoy the new website and use it as a resource for the latest updates in home and community care.


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