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CellTrak Connection

Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Saint Elizabeth Health Care is introducing a mobile healthcare technology to its front line staff across Canada in 2010. Besides providing knowledge and learning opportunities for its highly mobile clinicians, Saint Elizabeth Health Care is now equipping them with valuable tools to enable real time communication and enhance the client experience through automated data collection and increased flexibility.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care's new vision to honour the human face of health care, has a strong focus on enabling an exceptional client experience. CellTrak, the chosen solution, which runs on Blackberry devices, will work seamlessly with our scheduling software to allow increased efficiency and capabilities to respond to client and system requirements more effectively.

"Continual learning and improvement in the client experience enables our staff to better serve the changing needs of our clients, and it is a focal point for our organization, advises Shirlee Sharkey, President and CEO of Saint Elizabeth Health Care. "Increased flexibility and mobility in our staff, and the improved data tracking and analytics offered by this technology are great advancements in our delivery of care responsive to the client's needs."

This mobile solution provides additional safety for our front line professionals and greater reliability for our clients with its GPS functionality. As home care providers often work alone, the increase in connectivity is invaluable. For clients, fast and accurate schedule adjustments make it easier to get assistance when they need it.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care will use Procura's clinical management system to send patient-visit schedules directly to the mobiles of front line staff decreasing scheduling issues and increasing flexibility to respond to new appointments or changes in a client's condition. The ability to geographically optimize daily patient visits and routes enables a cost savings which is quite extraordinary.

Rheta Fanizza, Senior VP of Operations for Saint Elizabeth Health Care was attracted to the two-way information flow that CellTrak provides. "Besides improving workflow in the field, CellTrak also enables management to remotely confirm visits, and monitor and track data on different service aspects to ensure optimal service and care are occurring." She adds, "The data collected will aid in future service planning and program implementation while the speed at which information is shared is an added benefit."

"We are very pleased that Saint Elizabeth, the leading provider of home and community health care, selected CellTrak for their mobile healthcare technology", shared Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies, Inc. "The Saint Elizabeth leadership team has established a great vision on how to improve care and front-line staff efficiency at the point-of-care. CellTrak along with our partner Procura are very pleased to help enable that future vision today with the industry leading integrated home health point-of-care mobility and administration system".

"Saint Elizabeth Health Care continues to deliver innovation on the employee and the client experience at a world class level," says Warren Brown, President of Procura. "They take the time to adapt the solutions Procura and our partners provide and as a result gain new levels of value in both new found business efficiencies and improved quality of care."

About Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Saint Elizabeth Health Care has been a trusted name in Canadian health care for more than a century. Today, an award-winning organization and not-for-profit charitable leader, our dynamic talent team of more than 4,000 nurses, rehab therapists and personal support workers delivers 3.8 million health care visits annually. Our staff are backed by a 24/7 best-practice clinical support network and work in a variety of home and community care settings. Collaboration and client-focused care are hallmarks of our values-driven culture. For more information, visit

About Procura

Procura provides a comprehensive and fully integrated software solution for point-of-care, clinical (InterRAI MDS-HC) and back office administration for Regional Health Authorities, and Home Care and Community Care agencies across Canada. Procura provides a Community E-Health Record and enables the management of multiple programs and lines of business.

Procura is the software vendor of choice for the home and community care industry in Canada. Over 6,000 users at more than 350 client sites in North America and Australia use Procura to manage over 50,000 employees. Our clients range from small start-ups all the way through to multi-site and franchise organizations. For more information, visit

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Saint Elizabeth Health Care
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