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Looking Ahead: The Impact of EVV in 2021

As we reflect on an eventful 2020, it’s exciting to see how the homecare industry has courageously come together to support patients through these trying times. As a team, we have adapted to deliver care in a worldwide pandemic, learned what works for EVV compliance, and are looking ahead towards the opportunity to evolve EVV practices- all with the aim of continuing to deliver the very best patient care.

So, where does EVV implementation stand with the January 1, 2021 deadline rapidly approaching? I would assert that EVV is well underway with undisputedly solid progress made in 2020. However, to make an analogy, as an industry we have reached halftime of this football game.

States are in various stages of implementation. Some states are nearly through the first phase, while others are early in the process, and still others fall somewhere in between. I expect that there will be regular guidance coming throughout 2021 as states gain traction, add additional oversight, and continue to solicit provider feedback on what is working well and what could be improved.

Back in September, we discussed provider’s two responsibilities with respect to EVV. The first, to collect correct, compliant EVV information at the point of care. And the second, to relay that information to the state and MCO payors who require it.

It’s time to take stock of your efforts and assess your agency’s progress by asking yourself a few key questions:

  • Are you aware of your state’s specific requirements and timelines?
  • Are you attending the EVV provider forums and stakeholder calls in your state? Have you joined your state EVV mailing list, so you stay up to date with new changes that can impact your organization?
  • Are you verifying visits in the field? Can you provide EVV information to your state and MCO payors? Do you feel confident that you are fully compliant?
  • Are your patients receiving the best possible care? Do they feel your support day in and day out?

The first set of questions get you to basic compliance. If you are still working on that, you are in good company. Many providers are still early in the process and are feeling pressure to accelerate their efforts. Some providers have adopted the free state-procured solutions but are now realizing the limitations that may be impacting their operation. Still others have begun the process of investigating EVV solutions but have not started implementation. I’ll encourage all to consider your goals for 2021 and fine-tune your approach to EVV so that it can be used to the advantage of your agency, but most importantly your patients.

EVV is a significant operational change for caregivers and providers, especially in the midst of this already challenging time. With these changes come growing pains, but what we do know is that EVV helps to ensure the highest quality of care in the home. So, hang in there, knowing that the changes you are making today will benefit your caregivers and patients tomorrow.

We are here to help you through this process. As this year ends, we at CellTrak wish to congratulate you on a job well done and look forward to our continued collaboration and innovation on behalf of all patients.


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