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The Simple Solution for COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

CellTrak is committed to being at the forefront of emerging mandates. We stay on top of the latest in legislation for home and community-based services so that you don’t have to. In an effort to fight against the COVID-19 Delta variant, several states have announced that they will begin requiring healthcare workers to be vaccinated for COVID-19, or regularly provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the verdict has been clear – our most vulnerable loved ones who require long-term care are safest in their own homes. Without vital COVID-19 vaccinations and testing, we cannot ensure that we are keeping our patients as safe as they can be.

CellTrak has developed a configurable COVID-19 vaccine and testing tracker that can be deployed within one week to your office and field staff. Using this tracker, providers can monitor vital elements of the vaccination and testing process, including employee test results, location of testing, maintain records of vaccination cards, along with any specific items your state may require for vaccine and testing compliance.

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This vaccine and testing tracker has already been deployed to a few of CellTrak’s current clients, namely, Carefinders of New Jersey. Carefinders Senior Vice President of Operations James Santana comments on the use of this tracking method, saying

“Emerging COVID mandates are causing a lot of uncertainty nationwide; Using CellTrak allowed us to seamlessly deploy the vaccine and testing tracker to 4300 caregivers in a matter of days. As the largest provider in New Jersey, we felt a responsibility to be at the forefront of implementing this technology. We want our caregivers and clients to feel at ease knowing we are managing their safety.”

Large providers like Carefinders need an easy and configurable way to manage a large amount of staff quickly as positive and negative tests come in. Santana adds, “At any given moment we can pull a report to see what caregivers are on shift or out due to positive testing to eliminate disruption to care.”

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