Ambercare Uses Mobile Healthcare Solution for Documentation at the Point of Care

Aug 20, 2013 5:05:13 AM

Home Health and Hospice care leader uses CellTrak VisitManager™ technology across entire organization to better patient immediate needs

Schaumburg, IL (August 20, 2013) - Ambercare is unique. Founded by Michael and Mary Merrell over 15 years ago, Ambercare is now employee-owned, so every patient is cared for by an owner. That is only one reason why the “Ambercare Standard of Care” is far superior to other home care providers. Because we embrace a holistic model of care delivery, patients can count on fully coordinated services with a single call. Their “bridge” model is designed to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate the shifting needs our patients may incur.

Ambercare elevates home health care standards. Their caregivers don’t merely do their job; they fulfill a personal mission, treating each patient and family member as their own. You rarely hear someone who is sick, plead to stay in the hospital. Regardless of condition, anyone would rather be home, in their own bed, in their own surroundings, and with the company of family and friends. But return to home requires careful attention and exacting care in order to ensure excellent patient recovery which is where Ambercare excels.

Ambercare has been using Suncoast Solutions as their electronic health record (EHR) for several years. CellTrak has offered a seamless integration with Suncoast enabling Ambercare to simplify and lower mileage reimbursement, obtain better staff accountability and ensure safety of staff. CellTrak was originally implemented for their home health aides but has now successfully rolled out to their field coordinators and also clinical liaisons. For the mobile field staff, CellTrak was able to offer them a very important option; choice. Ambercare decided to implement Blackberry and iPhone for their point of care devices.

Michael Merrell, COO at Ambercare commented, “When choosing CellTrak we were very happy to be offered a choice when selecting a cost effective device. As we have different departments on different devices we were able to select multiple devices according to the department using them” Mr. Merrel added, “We are successfully running visits, utilizing our staffs time better all while documenting at the point of care. We have embraced this technology to better utilize resources and serve our patients to accommodate their ever-changing needs. ”

At Ambercare, they stress comfort and quality of life at every stage of one’s time with us. When life is limited to days, weeks or months, rather than years, it takes a special person to know how to best help a patient as well as family and friends make that time as comfortable and meaningful as possible. Ambercare Hospice caregivers are highly skilled and expertly trained in dealing with the challenges that end-of-life presents. They whole-heartedly provide their patients and their loved ones with empathy, support and compassion every step of the way.

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies added, “Ambercare has been a pleasure to work with. They have truly embraced all aspects of our technology and have utilized

this among multiple disciplines across their organization.” Wons added “This technology adaptation sets them apart and derives from their values of experiencing the Ambercare Standard of Care. We look forward to future expansions together in our partnership”

In addition to the integrated visit verification features of the solution, the GPS features available as part of CellTrak takes the guess work out of calculating mileage. GPS tracks the mileage to and from each patient’s home and immediately stores it in the system. It also gives staff members the ability to get directions from wherever they are to a patient’s home.

About Ambercare

Ambercare provides a full range of care and services including: home health care, hospice, personal care services, physical, occupational and respiratory therapy, and medical equipment & supplies to best meet the needs of patients and their families. Currently Ambercare serves many communities in New Mexico from Las Cruces to Las Vegas. Because nobody deserves less than Ambercare, when the need arises we will offer our services to additional communities, but only at a place that will never compromise our highest standards of care and service. For more information, visit

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