CellTrak Announces New Audio Program for Home Care Agency Leaders

Dec 17, 2018 1:37:00 PM

“Home Care Now”, a new podcast for home care agency leaders, features conversations with industry experts and influencers about timely issues and trends that affect home care agencies.

Schaumburg, IL, Dec 17, 2018

CellTrak, the provider of the industry’s leading Care Delivery Management solution used for over 1 million home care visits each week across the US, Canada, and the UK, announced today a new thought leadership audio program for home care agency leaders. “Home Care Now”, the new biweekly podcast, is scheduled to be available on December 17. Listeners can subscribe at www.celltrak.com/podcast.

Home Care Now will be hosted by Kristi Harris, CellTrak Vice President of Customer Success and will feature industry experts and influencers as guests. They will discuss current topics impacting home care agencies and sharing ideas that can help agency leaders.

“The home health industry is experiencing tremendous growth and unprecedented change. Demand for services continues to increase, as the labor market tightens. Profitability is under pressure from changing regulations and government policy. It’s difficult for agency leaders to achieve the Quadruple Aim – better care, better outcomes, lower costs, and care team well-being,” said Mark Battaglia, CEO of CellTrak. “This podcast shares insights from industry experts and leaders to highlight actions that agency leaders can take now to navigate change effectively.”

Season 1, “Becoming a Lean Agency” opens on December 17. The season’s focus is on running efficiently and productively. Each of the five episodes explores becoming lean through a different functional lens, including human capital, legal, operations, and other areas. By the end of the season, listeners will gain perspectives on operating efficiently and productively across their organization.

Season 1’s episodes are:

How to Prevent Litigation and Wage Disputes. Angelo Spinola, Attorney, Littler Mendelson talks with host, Kristi Harris, about the legal pitfalls of managing a remote workforce and how technology can foster better labor relations, benefit employees, and help prevent litigation.

After the M&A Transaction – Combining Large Field Forces. Jennifer Maxwell, President, Maxwell Healthcare Associates, and host, Kristi Harris, explore the productivity challenges facing a newly combined organization and explore how innovation can help drive productivity within large remote field forces.

New Perspectives on Caregiver Recruiting and Retention. Sydney Axelrod, Foundation Manager, Home Care Aide Council discusses their recent research with host Kristi Harris, and they explore creative ways to engage workers to reduce turnover and improve productivity.

Keep Caregivers Safe - Preparing for the Unexpected. In this episode, host, Kristi Harris, explores the safety risks encountered by caregivers in homes and neighborhoods, discusses regulations, and explores ways to help ensure staff and patient safety. 

The podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, other popular podcast directories, and CellTrak’s website. Listeners can subscribe at www.celltrak.com/podcast.

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