CellTrak Launches New Outcome Based eCare Solution for Nurses

Oct 28, 2010 5:40:59 AM

Schaumburg, IL -- (News Wire) - October 28, 2010. CellTrak Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new Outcome Based eCare solution for nurses, clinicians and other medical professionals. The new application includes initial, reassessment and discharge assessments which enable the capturing of real-time information at the point-of-care. All assessments include nursing sensitive outcomes and the ability to view electronic health record results through a secure portal.

"With the successful pilot and subsequent rollout of the solution we are pleased to announce the coming commercial availability of the new Outcome Based eCare solution," shared Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak. "The ability to enable comprehensive assessments that include nursing sensitive outcome measures along with other clinical features in an integrated and easy to use mobile application package is important for the homecare industry,"

Outcome based care systems help coordinate the gathering of nursing assessment, reassessment and discharge activities with common measurements including the HOBIC standards. HOBIC is the acronym for Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care, an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Canada. Similar to the standards defined and utilized in the US around OASIS the objective of HOBIC is to introduce a short set of standardized measures of patient status into nurses' admission and discharge assessments.

Results shared from the pilot and subsequent roll-out of the solution include;

  • "This step forward transforms nursing practice and establishes a new foundation, further enhancing the best possible client outcomes"
  • "As a manager, this new application gives me the ability to ensure my nurses are consistently delivering evidence-based, quality nursing care"
  • "The new solution fits with nursing work flow and is more convenient and efficient than paper"
  • This innovation also brings additional resources to the fingertips of nurses at the frontline to support their clinical decision making that contribute to improved client outcomes.

The CellTrak Outcome based eCare solution has been developed to leverage the industry best capabilities as provided by the CellTrak Home Health Point-of-Care and Administration System. This includes an easy to use mobile application that runs on smart phone and xPad devices, a mobile web browser based portal, and web based visit management portal along with integration to back office/clinical systems and local government databases for outcome based trends.

Andrew Kaboff, Founder and Business Development Officer from CellTrak added, "The Outcome Based eCare solution is an exciting next step in our solution platform. For the first time, leading homecare agencies can afford to deploy technology to their entire organization to gather assessment data with embedded HOBIC measures. This results in real-time data that will help improve patient outcomes, enable new research and shares the data with the entire healthcare team immediately".

The Outcome Based Care information enables the care team to be more effective than stand alone, silo'd and unconnected systems. With evidence changing rapidly, this innovation will facilitate communication and integration at the front line and improve care at the point-of-care.

For more information download the "Outcome Based Care Solutions Make A Difference" whitepaper from the Canadian Technology News site at: http://www.canhealth.com or via the CellTrak website at http://www.celltrak.com

CellTrak will be providing hands-on demonstrations and interaction pods for the new technology at the Canadian Homecare Association Summit November 3rd - 5th in Quebec City.

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