CellTrak and Addus Partner to Create a Breakthrough Home Care Delivery Management Solution

Sep 26, 2016 5:07:00 AM

Providers and Managed Care Organizations can now better coordinate care, more efficiently manage operations, and meet EVV mandates with real-time in-home visit data collected via mobile and IVR

Schaumburg, IL – September 26, 2016 - CellTrak Technologies, the provider of the industry's leading mobile health care delivery and management solution which is used at over 4,000 home care locations, announced today an extension of its nine year relationship with Addus HomeCare, a leading national provider of home and community-based personal-care services, and the debut of a new version of the CellTrak solution that enables home care providers to efficiently manage service delivery while meeting electronic visit verification (EVV) mandates.

The new version of the software that Addus is rolling out and expects to be fully deployed this fall incorporates CellTrak’s proven mobile applications, new interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities for electronic visit verification, electronic timesheets, portals for office staff and the extended care team, as well as interfaces with EMRs, back office systems, and third parties, such as other EVV providers. Addus licenses the full CellTrak solution on a per visit basis that provides significant savings and more predictable margins compared to other licensing models.

Dirk Allison, president and CEO of Addus, said, “Our challenge is to deliver high quality care in a cost effective manner while managing 22,000 caregivers and 34,000 consumers across the United States. We also must comply with both state-by-state visit verification regulations and each MCO’s information requirements. With CellTrak, we are able to fully integrate the different types of data collection which we need to improve outcomes and operate our business.”

“We are excited to extend our longstanding partnership with Addus,” said Mark Battaglia, CEO of CellTrak. “This new version is the only one on the market today that is open across point-of-care data collection methods and technology providers. It enables providers to efficiently coordinate care and manage their distributed workforce wherever they operate, including using the most cost-effective data collection method for each caregiver. As the health care market evolves from fee-for-service to a value-based model, the need for care coordinators to use accurate, real-time data collected and integrated from many sources will only increase. CellTrak is ready for the future now.”

Andrew Kaboff, CellTrak’s founder and Chief Business Development Officer, added, “This new solution establishes a win-win-win for state Medicaid organizations, MCOs, and providers, especially providers who operate in multiple states. Medicaid wins because it facilitates compliance with EVV regulations. MCOs win because it provides them with the visibility and accountability they need across providers of all types and sizes. Providers win because it enables them to operate more efficiently and to use the technology they prefer.”

In addition to the features and functionality of CellTrak’s current mobile solution, the new version will include IVR capabilities, electronic timesheets that replace paper ones, and integration with third-party EVV offerings. Real-time data from all of these sources are available to care coordinators and operations management, enabling quick responses to events in the field. By bringing the data from different sources to a central place, CellTrak also enables agencies to take advantage of workflow automation for exception handling, payroll preparation, compliance and other office tasks, and to analyze data to optimize care and improve delivery efficiency over time.


About CellTrak

People receive exceptional health care in their home or community when their care providers use CellTrak’s Mobile Health Solution. Home care, hospice and community care agencies in the US, Canada, and the UK deliver higher quality care, communicate more effectively, improve compliance, reduce costs, and increase productivity with CellTrak. Today, CellTrak’s complete, integrated software-as-a-service solution supports one million visits per week, facilitating care delivery and real-time field force management, automating data collection, and providing information for business and care optimization. It includes apps for all types of caregivers that run on the leading mobile devices; portals for efficient, coordinated care delivery by a distributed workforce; interfaces to EHRs and back office systems; and services to support adoption and optimization. For more information visit www.celltrak.com.


About Addus Homecare

Addus is a comprehensive provider of home and community-based services that primarily are personal in nature, provided in the home, and focused on the dual eligibility population. Addus' services include personal care and assistance with activities of daily living, and adult day care. Addus' consumers are individuals who are at risk of hospitalization or institutionalization, such as the elderly, chronically ill, and disabled. Addus' payor clients include federal, state, and local governmental agencies, managed care organizations, commercial insurers, and private individuals. For more information, please visit www.addus.com.


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