CellTrak Releases New Features and Enhancements to Mobile Health Care Solution

Nov 2, 2016 3:13:15 PM

New CellTrak release enhances secure communication, offers configurable alerts, robust analytic capabilities, and EVV collected via IVR

Schaumburg, IL – October 18, 2016 - CellTrak Technologies, the provider of the industry's leading mobile health care delivery management solution used at over 4,000 home care locations, announced today a new release of the CellTrak Mobile Health Solution. The new features and enhancements include Broadcast Messaging to enhance the existing HIPAA secure messaging platform, Late Alert Escalation with adjustable thresholds, and Patient and Staff Analytics with filters and downloadable options. In addition to the new features, CellTrak now offers electronic visit verification (EVV) collected via interactive voice response (IVR).

“The demand for home and community care continues to increase and this places pressure on agencies to operate more efficiently while improving the delivery of quality care,” stated Mark Battaglia, CellTrak’s CEO. “Providing a Mobile Health Care Solution helps agencies stay connected to their distributed workforces and results in improved operations and improved care quality. CellTrak continues to provide updates and contributes to our customers’ ability to ensure compliance, realize cost savings, improve staff productivity and satisfaction, and enhance secure communication.”

The features and enhancements to improve communication, operations, analytics, and compliance include:

  • Broadcast Messaging that enhances the secure messaging platform and allows more efficient messaging to multiple recipients with the ability to view if the message was delivered and opened. This feature saves costs by making separate messaging applications unnecessary.
  • Late Alert Escalation, which is an extension to the Not Started alert feature and is configurable to add alerts with escalating thresholds. This feature helps to prevent missed visits by allowing service coordinators to proactively monitor and take appropriate action based on escalation level.
  • Patient and Staff Analytics, which provides insights for better decisions available through download options. The relevant data can be easily analyzed in Excel using filters and pivot tables.
  • IVR capabilities for EVV that allow agencies to accurately capture time-in and time-out data for scheduled and unscheduled visits in a cost effective manner. Using landline phones for EVV also helps reduce missed and late visits, and improves care plan compliance.

About CellTrak

People receive exceptional health care in their home or community when their care providers use CellTrak’s Mobile Health Solution. Home care, hospice and community care agencies in the US, Canada, and the UK deliver higher quality care, communicate more effectively, improve compliance, reduce costs, and increase productivity with CellTrak. Today, CellTrak’s complete, integrated software-as-a-service solution supports one million visits per week, facilitating care delivery and real-time field force management, automating data collection, and providing information for business and care optimization. It includes apps for all types of caregivers that run on the leading mobile devices; portals for efficient, coordinated care delivery by a distributed workforce; interfaces to EHRs and back office systems; and services to support adoption and optimization. For more information visit www.celltrak.com.


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