CellTrak's Accurate Data Provides quicker invoicing capabilities for Hospice of Central Pennsylvania

Aug 2, 2010 6:00:28 AM

Schaumburg, IL -- (News Wire)- August 2, 2010. CellTrak Technologies real time point of care solution has made payroll and invoicing easier for the Hospice of Central Pennsylvania. With time cards and visit notes from their certified nursing assistants, the Hospice can now use the automated and accurate information about each visit to complete invoicing much more quickly than with their old manual paper processes. Basically information that used to take more than a week to get delivered with paper is now delivered after each and every staff visit to a patient. CellTrak has been a part of the Hospice's daily routine for mare than 3 years, and the automation has made accounting practices easier to deal with. The Hospice of Central PA has 23 staff on the CellTrak service and the information flows bi directionally to and from their Suncoast Solutions clinical management solution.

CellTrak's service eliminated paper reports and self reported information into accurate data for both time and attendance and travel information. Automating the data for these reimbursable amounts has lowered the overall operations costs and has allowed the hospice aides to stay focused on the patient care, not on odometers and time slips. CellTrak with its automated integration with Suncoast Solutions, has once again increased productivity and compliance while reducing operating expenses and provided a green solution for the hospice. Getting invoices out to CMS has reduced the time from pay to bill, creating better cash flow for this organization. The cellular devices, display accurate and up to date patient visit schedules as well as the care plans and completed visit notes.

"We were very excited about this system when we started in 2007, and now we look back and wonder how we dealt with all the paper." said Barbara Canter, Director of Accounting at Hospice of Central PA. Barbara also mentioned "The accuracy and consistency that the system provides has improved the quality and accuracy of our billing, payroll and all accounting data associated with the aides visits."

Amy S. Clutcher, Director of Patient Services remarked "the improvement in compliance with accurate, timely and immediately available Hospice Aide documentation has been significant not only for our team members but for our reviewers as well. Additionally, the Hospice Aides have instant accessibility to addresses, directions and the specific patient's plan of care even when unexpected scheduling changes occur during the day."

Teresa Craig CEO of Suncoast Solutions said: "Clients who have implemented Celltrak have reported significant cost savings. CellTrak provides Hospice Aides with a documentation tool that is easy to use, familiar, and economical. We like the fact that CellTrak plays a part in improving the quality of patient care."
Michael K. Wons President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies made note of the fact that: "The ability to streamline work processes associated with proving homecare via the seamlessly integrated Suncoast and CellTrak solution provides a fully compliant solution in line with the CMS guidelines. The Hospice of Central PA was one of the early pioneers of using this integrated solution and they have proven month-over-month and year-over-year the value of the investment in this technology".

About The Hospice of Central Pennsylvania

Hospice of Central Pennsylvania was founded in 1979. Our mission is one of providing the terminally ill of Central Pennsylvania and their families with compassion, dignity and care through the coordinated delivery of emotional, physical and spiritual support of the highest quality. We exist solely to care for individuals and families who are coping with a life-limiting illness and who prefer the comfort of their own home and the support of family and friends to the impersonal setting of a hospital or nursing facility. www.hospiceofcentralpa.org/.

About Suncoast Solutions

Suncoast Solutions is a comprehensive software tool that helps hospices and home health agencies manage the full breadth of processes and related programs as patients move in an out of each phase of the care continuum. www.sncoast.com.

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