Suncoast Solutions Clients are Deploying CellTrak’s Real Time Point of Care GPS Solution

Jul 17, 2008 6:07:44 AM

Schaumburg Illinois July 17th, 2008 – CellTrak Technologies and Suncoast Solutions began a partnership in 2007 and began deploying an automated paperless documentation solution in the 1st half of 2008. Suncoast Solutions clients are delighted with the new point of care option!

CellTrak’s real time point of care solution uses cell phones and GPS technology to enable agencies to automate and eliminate paper and manual processes. The solution provides accountability at the point of care and reduced operating costs for agencies. Field staff benefit by collecting and sending visit documentation, increasing their safety while working at various locations and enhancing the quality of care they provide.

Ms. Teresa Craig, CEO of Suncoast Solutions said, “We are pleased to offer new technology to improve patient care. Home care aides can see their schedule and document care clearly and in real time so that their services are clear. Changes can be sent to the aides during the day to maximize their effectiveness. We truly enjoy our relationship with CellTrak and the opportunity to offer this great solution.”

“CellTrak has found a niche in hospice and home care and our relationship with Suncoast has allowed us to quickly deploy our solution due to superior processing by both teams.” said Richard Herrmann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CellTrak. “In today’s economic environment home care executives need to comply with new CMS regulations, achieve higher efficiencies and reduce overall operating expenses or potentially lose their business to agencies that do.” “This Suncoast CellTrak relationship allows our mutual clients to do exactly that.”

About Suncoast Solutions:

Suncoast Solutions is a comprehensive software tool that helps hospices and home health agencies manage the full breadth of processes and related programs as patients move in an out of each phase of the care continuum.

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