VNS Home Health Uses CellTrak™ To Lower The Cost of Homecare Delivery

Jan 9, 2014 1:43:37 AM

Industry Leader finds Increased Automation and Lowered Costs

Schaumburg, IL (January 9, 2014) – For over a century, southern Rhode Islanders have relied on VNS Home Health Services, part of the South County Hospital Healthcare System, to provide compassionate and skilled health care to their families. VNS Home Health Services continues to be a pioneering force in home health by being the first in RI to incorporate technology - such as mobile technology into daily care. For the past century and the next, VNS will continue to be the leading home health experts.

When VNS Home Health Services implemented CellTrak VisitManager™ for their mobile needs, they found maximum value for their organization in automation, lowered expenses and a solution that could interface with Allscripts. As a client of Allscripts electronic health record (EHR) system for many years, the extension of CellTrak as an integrated mobile solution was the choice they were looking for to meet complete documentation for their Certified Nursing Assistant’s (CNA’s) at the point of care. Together, the team worked with Verizon Wireless to get the field staff team on the latest Blackberry devices.

“Home Health offers everyone in need of skilled care the benefit of one-on-one treatments as well as teaching in the most convenient location for the patient and family - their own home. It allows us to focus on one patient at a time in order to provide the highest quality medical care and CellTrak has helped us achieve that goal”, shared Mary-Lou Rhodes President & CEO.

CellTrak improves care delivery and efficiency by proactively recording visit schedules and activities via mobile technology as opposed to relying on self-reported paper records. This real-time reporting not only improves accuracy, but also optimizes workforce efficiency by reducing the number of required trips to administrative offices by care providers. Productivity and labor management is one of the many benefits of using the CellTrak solution.

Leigh Clauson, Application Leader at VNS Home Health Services commented, “Our CNA’s are incredibly excited about using a mobile device for point of care documentation. They have found that the Blackberry device has been more accurate and faster for documentation of each visit” Clauson added, “We have found increased automation, lowered costs, faster payroll processing time and a valuable interface with Allscripts.”

CellTrak’s real-time reporting and scheduling has been shown to reduce missed visits, which improve compliance and patient outcomes. Real-time mobile care and visit documentation have shortened administrative review and processing time by over 80% in some cases. The integrated GPS technology has been proven to reduce mileage reimbursements, a commonly inflated expense, by at least 20%.

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies added, “We are very pleased to continue to expand our partnership with VNS Home Health Services and assist in lowering the costs associated with the delivery of care. Their usage of our mobile applications platform to empower their point of care healthcare workers with real-time patient specific information is impressive and we look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with them.”

CellTrak provides VNS Home Health with a technology solution to manage and mobilize their staff with patented Software-as-a-Service solutions that run on GPS-enabled mobile devices connecting through solution specific web portals. As an organization, VNS Home Health is empowered with the latest technology tools to automate workflow, improve compliance, reduce operating costs and improve patient care.

About VNS Home Health Services:

For over a century, southern Rhode Islanders have relied on VNS Home Health Services to provide compassionate and skilled health care to their families. The medical professionals of VNS; Registered Nurses, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, Medical Social Workers, and Nutritionists; provide in home health care, for patients of every age and every stage of life. The excellent patient care provided by VNS is reflected by excellent patient satisfaction ratings - satisfaction in the 98th percentile. For more information please visit:

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