How to Go Paperless With Your Home Care Agency Without Losing Your Mind

Mar 30, 2017 10:30:48 AM / posted in Productivity

As more and more of our personal life becomes digitized, it’s no surprise that businesses – including home care and home hospice agencies – are closely following suit. Paper-based inefficiencies waste time and money; implementing paperless clinical documentation is an effective way to improve patient care.

But before you say goodbye to paper for good, understand what going paperless means to your processes and procedures and be prepared to help your staff make the transition.

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Patient Communication Tips for Home Care Providers

Feb 23, 2017 10:00:00 AM / posted in Communication, Productivity, Care

Every time you visit your clients, you build important physical and emotional connections with them. Now it's time to strengthen those connections by optimizing your communication skills, so you can effectively convey vital information and instructions.

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Remote Worker Safety: 14 Tips to Protect Your Home Care Providers

Feb 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM / posted in Mobile Solution, Productivity, Retention

Have you ever contemplated the risks your remote workers face when they provide home health services? In 2010, the health care and social assistance industry reported 653,900 cases of injuries and illnesses — more than any other private industry sector reported. Can your employees avoid being the next case?

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10 Ways to Help Home Health Caregivers Feel Connected as an Agency Team

Jan 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM / posted in Communication, Productivity, Retention

One of the biggest strengths of the home care industry is also one of its biggest challenges: mobile caregivers.

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Preventing Medicare Fraud from Crumbling the Future of Home Health Care

Dec 13, 2016 7:27:09 AM / posted in Fraud, Compliance, Productivity

As we look back on some of the key stories of 2016 for home care agencies, one leaps out repeatedly: Medicare fraud.

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How Care Delivery Software Helps Agency Caregivers

Dec 6, 2016 8:31:45 AM / posted in Mobile Solution, Productivity

For the typical home care agency caregiver, providing care consumes only a sliver of time. The majority of time is spent checking the schedule, travelling to client homes, reviewing the care plan, verifying visits, reporting mileage, and adding notes from visits.

Implementing the right care delivery software can change this all.

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How More Coordinated Care Keeps Your "Moving Pieces" Moving

Nov 8, 2016 7:05:00 AM / posted in Communication, Productivity

Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, there are lots of moving pieces”? That’s a typical refrain when they’re trying to describe a complex plan involving multiple groups and goals.

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Cut the Risk, Cost, and Time Associated with Home Care Documentation

Nov 2, 2016 7:02:29 AM / posted in Cost Reduction, Communication, Productivity, Savings

In home care, paperwork is everywhere – between the field and the office and between your agency and all types of third parties. Admission forms, schedules, point-of-care documentation, payroll processing, and care documentation for third parties – paper is often king.

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How Hospice at Home Used Point-of-Care Documentation to Boost Efficiency

Oct 18, 2016 8:28:06 AM / posted in Cost Reduction, Productivity, Care

Organizations that provide in-home health care are constantly challenged to improve the accuracy of services delivered. When care delivery doesn't match the care plan prescribed, the impacts can be serious and may include:

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Identifying a Care Delivery Management Solution That Works for IT

Oct 11, 2016 7:33:52 AM / posted in Mobile Solution, Productivity

It’s often said that the key to success for modern organizations is to find the optimum marriage of people, processes and technology. That’s certainly true for home health care organizations these days. With pressure rising on all sides to reduce costs and improve margins, agencies must find the right balance on that three-legged stool.

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